Mitsubishi Releases Details About A Sleek New SUV

Mitusbishi Concept Car - Mitsubishi Ground Tourer Concept SUV

Mitsubishi is set to release a new hybrid, plug-in SUV concept car – the Ground Tourer Concept in Paris Motorshow 2016, somewhen around the month of September.
With some of the Japanese car manufacturer’s best recent releases being SUVs, including the Outlander and Outlander Sport, there is good reason to expect the new design model to impress.

Word is that the concept will borrow from the existing XR PHEV line and other concepts car showed off over the past year and is the latest step in Mitsubishi’s move to push for better hybrid technology and efficiency.

What is a plug-in hybrid?

Plug-in Hybrid Car - Electric Car

A plug-in hybrid car is an electric vehicle designed to be extra energy efficient and environmentally friendly, without giving up too much in the way of power and general performance. Generally, these cars use rechargeable batteries that are plugged in before use and have an electric motor and a combustion engine, meaning they run on both petrol and electricity. It is estimated that the average electricity cost of charging the batteries works out to around 25% of what you’d pay if you used unleaded petrol.

There are already Mitsubishi’s plug-in hybrids available in Australia, including the Outlander PHEV, which packs impressive 4WD power and performance, with a fuel economy rating of 1.9L/100kms. These kinds of cars have only over the past few years become commercially available to the public and the technology used continues to improve.


Mitsubishi Teases Ground Tourer Concept SUV

The new look SUV is set to have a sharper appearance, with early images showing off a flat, sleek red roof with sharp edges over a shiny silver body. While we’re just going off a single photo, there are whispers that the SUV will be a high-end model and take the design of Mitsubishi’s existing SUVs in another direction.

Coupe SUVs in the market are largely considered luxury cars – indeed, if eventually released in Australia, this model will be seen as a viable competitor for some big players including Mercedes.

We shall be keeping a close eye on how this develops – we’re very excited to see the Ground Tourer Concept later in the year!


9 Ignored Services That Can Prolong Your Car’s Life

9 ignored services that can prolong your car's life

We all know that taking good care of your vehicle will help ensure that it runs smooth and negates the risk of having any expensive repairs made down the road. But did you know that many people ignore some of the most important aspects of having a professional service done? Mitsubishi service centres are the ideal place to have your vehicle checked out, and with the following 9 common servicing procedures that many people ignore, you too can prolong your vehicle’s life.

1. Tyre Rotation

tyre rotation

Each time you have your car serviced, having your tyres rotated is one great way to increase the longevity of your tyres, and help you save money over a longer period of time. Every 5,000 to 8,000km is recommended and some tyre manufacturers even offer free tyre rotation as part of their warranty, so there is often no additional fees.

2. Engine Cleaning

engine cleaning

Whilst you may wash your car from time to time to get rid of the dirt and grime on the exterior of your vehicle, getting the engine cleaned has a number of great benefits that your car mechanic will explain. Removing the dirt, grime and tar-like substance from your car’s engine will help avoid the engine overheating, as the sludge acts like a thermal coat, keeping the exposed metal work of the engine from dissipating heat effectively.

3. Coolant Maintenance

Coolant Maintenance

Any car repair centre will tell you that coolant or antifreeze will break down over time and start to have negative effects on your vehicle. When the coolant breaks down inside the small pipes and tubes around your engine, this issue can rack up very large bills if not taken care of. Your Mitsubishi service centre car mechanic will be able to change the coolant and flush the system professionally as part of a long-term servicing plan.

4. Transmission Maintenance

transmission maintenance

As one of the hardest working parts of your vehicle, the transmission needs to be taken care of on a regular basis. Transmission fluid needs to be replaced roughly every 40,000km, but if your vehicle is used to tow items on a regular basis, the fluid replacement will need to be performed much sooner. Many servicing mechanics recommend synthetic transmission oil, but you should always check your user manual or car servicing professional about your particular make and model.

5. Fuel and Oil Filter Change

Oil filter

If you have a clogged fuel or oil filter you may notice a significant reduction in performance and fuel efficiency that could keep on costing you money until the blocked filters start more issues. Filters in the HVAC systems need to be changed on a regular basis for good reason, but every vehicle can benefit from improved fuel efficiency, so get yours checked out as part of your overall maintenance and servicing schedule.

6. Get your Oil Changed

Get your oil changed

Getting your oil changed is usually part of a standard servicing procedure, but why wait until the last minute to have your oil changed? Making sure that you change your oil as frequently as possible will ensure that your oil doesn’t go bad or start to mess with your vehicles fuel efficiency.

7. Get an Extended Warranty

If you purchased your vehicle from a specialist dealer, you can sometimes also pay for an extended warranty to allow your car to be covered for parts and servicing over a short or long period of time, depending on the available options. Servicing at a Mitsubishi service centre is a great way to ensure that all parts are genuine and directly from the manufacturer, as well as having the confidence that the car mechanics working on your vehicle are well informed on your make and model of vehicle.

8. Flush all Fluids

Flush all fluids

As per the recommendations to change your oil, transmission oil and coolant on a bi-yearly or yearly basis depending on your make and model of car, getting all of the vehicle’s fluids professionally flushed, serviced and topped up is highly recommended as any servicing procedure. Power steering fluids, brake fluids are added to the list of transmission fluid, coolant as well as your water level system flushed to descale it.

9. Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

Getting your vehicle’s wheels aligned is a great way to ensure that you minimise the risks of wearing out certain parts of your tyres, reducing fuel efficiency, and making sure that your vehicle is safe to drive without steering issues. Most servicing centres offer wheel alignment as part of their basic service but be sure to tell the mechanic if you have any issues with steering or veering when accelerating and coasting.

Buying Your First Car From a Dealership

Mitsubishi Car, Mitsubishi Dealership, Mitsubishi Melbourne,

Buying a new Mitsubishi car can make for both an exciting and emotional experience. To ensure that everything goes swimmingly with your new vehicle there are a few things you need to think about. One of the most important is where you choose to buy your new car. Buying from a certified Mitsubishi dealership can offer you many benefits over purchasing elsewhere and you can make your purchase with greater peace of mind.

Don’t be too alarmed by the sales patter, Mitsubishi dealers are good people just wanting to help you out! Just make sure that you have a general idea of the car you wish to look at and see the sales advisor as the person to get you the right deal if you make a decision. Take someone along who knows a lot about cars if you feel you are less knowledgeable than average, and remember that you do not need to make a final decision today.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Too Many Questions

If you have already made your decision on which Mitsubishi car you want, ask the sales advisor about the different options available to you in regards to upgrades, in-car entertainment options, and alloys. You may find that some dealers can offer you special deals, so don’t forget to ask.

Buying your first car from a dealership

You will be advised on the car you are purchasing and how the different functions and features of the car can be of benefit to you. Take time to look around the car and get a good feel of it inside and out. Understand the engine and pose as many questions as you can to the Mitsubishi dealer about the benefits of the fuel economy and safety features the vehicle has to offer.

Ensure that you take the car for a test drive, as well as the other cars you like to narrow down your choice better. Remember that the car in the showroom may be an older model or a more reduced model depending on the upgrades, so make sure that the car you may have to order is in mind.

Take a Little Time Before You Buy

Feeling excited is a normal emotion to feel when purchasing your first new car from a Mitsubishi dealership, but don’t let it overwhelm you. You may find that you love the first car you tried, but allow a little time to settle in before you make the big purchase. Dealerships understand that purchasing a car is a big investment, so ask to take a little time to think about it.

Buying your first car from a dealership

Going into a dealership on a weekend is a great idea for you to walk around, take a test drive and have a day or 2 to think about your purchase before you sign the agreements. It also allows you to visit other dealerships and make them offers based on the quote you received from the previous dealership. It is always a good thing to shop around.

Be Confident About Warranties and Guarantees

If you have any questions about warranties and guarantees or other financial papers you will have to sign to finalise the purchase of your car, don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as possible. Making sure that you know the rules and regulations concerning anything that may go wrong with your new car purchase are the way to go.

Buying your first car from a dealership

Keep in touch with your local Mitsubishi car dealership to ensure that any problems you may have in the future can be resolved in a friendly and timely manner. Your local Mitsubishi dealer will be able to help regarding any technical issue you may encounter, so do not hesitate to stay in contact and allow you to be confident in your new purchase.