5 Tips To Keep Your Car Going Longer

Mitsubishi Outlander Car Servicing and Maintenace

In this day and age, there’s no denying that it can be quite costly to keep a car on the road. There’s the car’s true cost, fuel, registration and regular servicing, not to mention changing any parts that may need replacing down the road. Whether you’re driving a Mitsubishi or any other brand of car, it’s well worthwhile to take car of your car from day one as best you can. It’s a fact that good maintenance will keep your car in working order for longer. It will also save you money in the long run and keep you safer on the road too. Let’s take a look at 5 essential car care tips.

Check the oil regularly

It’s something that only takes a couple of minutes, but it can’t be understated how important checking and changing oil is. Oil is responsible for keeping the engine well lubricated and cool, without which you’re going to have some real problems!

Check Mitsubishi Car Oil regularly, and refill if needed

Keep it clean

If you value the cosmetic appearance of your vehicle, washing it weekly or fortnightly is a good idea. A build-up of dirt, salt and grime can potentially damage the exterior if left alone. It’s also a good idea to keep the underside as clean as possible. For new cars, you should consider applying wax every half year if possible; this keeps the paint in good health.

Park in the shade

When talking in the long term, the sun and rain can damage the exterior of your car as well. Preferably, you’ll want to avoid parking it in the street; if you have a garage or carport your car will be much better off. The paint, leather and other materials can easily be damaged by the sun, so any way you can reduce the impact is well worthy of your time.


41808199 - portrait of an auto mechanic putting oil in a car engine

Flush out the coolant yearly

The car’s cooling system is what circulates coolant around the engine and keeps it cool.  Usually, it’s made up of 50% distilled water and 50% coolant and it prevents corrosion is it is changed regularly. Without it operating as it should, the engine is likely to overheat and potential even seize up, which, in many cases, means the end of it. Doing so will also reveal any bursts in the system that may be leaking coolant.

Service your car regularly

For the basic car servicing things, you can usually take care by yourself. But it’s of utmost importance that you have a professional inspect your vehicle every few thousand kilometers. How regularly you will need it serviced will vary from car to car, depending on age and other factors. Find yourself a good, trusty mechanic and your car will be in safe hands.

Remember that for Mitsubishi cars, you only should avail the service of registered Mitsubishi service center!